When You Feel Like Quitting: Go beyond the distance!

There are times when nothing seems right and running away seems to be the best option, When the path that you're walking on appears to have a dead end, When you feel like you are not strong enough to hold on and keep on fighting, When you feel like - "Quitting". If you ever tried... Continue Reading →


My Journey: From an Anxious to a Social Introvert

Do you have trouble taking a stand for yourself?  Do you worry about being judged by others? Would you rather like to be alone than being among a group of new people? Do you have trouble putting your opinions out loud? My friend, you are a socially anxious introvert, the way that I was when... Continue Reading →

A Journey to Self-Love

It is ironical how they teach us to love everyone but ourselves, and then wonder how we end up resenting ourselves! We're always afraid of not being good enough. We're proud of our strengths but when we find out about the flaws we decide not to let anyone know because we don't want to come... Continue Reading →

When you run out of Patience

Patience, not each one of us is endowed with it. There are some people who want results as quickly as possible and then there are those who know that great things take time. But even those who are known to be patient, have a saturation point. We just wait and wait for things to happen... Continue Reading →

A letter to my future self.

Dear future self, Today as I remember how you were years back I realize how far you've come. From someone who was affected by small things to someone who's learning to let these things go, from someone scared to express her feelings to someone who's not afraid to anymore, from someone who was always complaining about... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about life

You know how when we were kids, we had these stories in our books of fairies, of superheroes, good vs evil. They all started with "once upon a time" and ended with "...... and they lived happily ever after"! In short, all these stories had a happy ending. Do you think it reflects in real... Continue Reading →

10 things that life taught me

Life is all about new experiences & many lessons. In short, it's a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. Everything that happens to you teaches you a lesson for what is to come next. Here are the 10 things that I have learned in my short life of 20 years. 1.It’s completely okay... Continue Reading →

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